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Wat je ook wilt doen – of je helemaal nieuw bent in duiken en de tropische riffen van de wereld wilt verkennen of je bent een ervaren duiker die de stille wereld van rebreather duiken of de majesteit van onderwatergrotten wil ontdekken. Met de IANTD cursussen van Diving Javea kun je er komen. Onze duiker trainingsprogramma’s bieden een manier om veiliger en in meer omgevingen te duiken – ongeacht je niveau en interesses …

This are the IANTD diving courses bij Diving Javea.


IANTD – Open Water SCUBA Experience

This experience program is designed to introduce the student to the basic concept of open water diver program and skills.

IANTD – Open Water & Nitrox Diver

The purpose of this program is to qualifie a diver to participate in diving activities where appropriate Diver Support is always available at the surface, where in-water decompression stops are not required, and under conditions that are equal or better than the conditions where they were trained.

IANTD – Open Water Sidemount Diver

Familiarize the diver with the techniques, equipment and mindset required for Sidemount diving, enable divers to proficiently assemble and use Side Mount equipment, teach divers the proper techniques to safely conduct dives that warrant the use of Sidemount equipment.

IANTD – Advanced Open Water Diver

This mid-level Continuing Education Program is designed to enable IANTD Open Water / Recreational Rebreather Divers to extend their proficiency in the water and to gain more supervised practical experience.

IANTD – Rescue Diver

This Program is designed to develop proficiency in self- and buddy-rescue.

IANTD – Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

This Program is designed to provide Sport Divers with a safer than air breathing medium for enjoying dives in the 12m to 39m depth ranges. The diver may elect to dive the “mix” on EANx tables, or dive conservatively using air dive computers or air tables.

IANTD – Dry Suit Diver

These Programs have been designed to provide qualified Dry Suit Divers on how to use, take care and deal will specific emergencies related to a dry suit.

IANTD – Deep Diver

The IANTD Deep Diver Program trains divers in skills, performance, theory and planning of deep dives.

IANTD – Open Water DPV Diver

This Program is designed to provide training in the use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles in Open Water.

IANTD – Recreational Trimix Diver

This Program is designed to provide a breathing medium for extending dives using ENDs no greater than 24m depth ranges. Program covers all Recreational Trimix gas mixes from 28% to a maximum of 40% oxygen, and Helium concentrations yielding an END no greater than 24m emphasizing the use of 30/25.

IANTD – Instructor Course

This 12 day Instructor Development Program includes academic, pool, and open water sessions designed to train candidates to Instructor level enabling them to conduct a range of IANTD courses independently.

IANTD – Instructor Course

Diving Javea is offering a comprehensive IANTD Instructor Development and Training course planned for November 2020 at our Technical Training facility located in Javea, Spain. Qualified candidates are invited to join us to certify as the next generation of IANTD Instructors.