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Diving Javea – IANTD Training Centre is the premier cave and technical diving training facility situated on the beautiful Costa Blanca coast midway between Alicante and Valencia. Diving Javea Tech offers you the option of courses from PADI TecRec,  IANTD, DSAT, TDI and is GUE friendly.
Our sole purpose and focus is your safety and providing quality of service on all our cave and technical courses as well as ensuring  your maximum enjoyment on a choice of diving expeditions to caves and wrecks.
We offer a variety of technical diving excursions to suit different levels of experience and can provide expert training for you whatever your level, from beginner looking for your first cave, cavern or deep diving experience through to seasoned technical diver veterans looking to explore the caves and wreck sites along the Javea coast line.

Please explore our website to learn more or if you would like to speak to us about your technical training requirements, we will be happy to assist you…


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Cave diving is an entirely new world after coming from recreational diving. Different equipment and techniques are required and often the whole way you have been diving has to be adapted.

Full Advanced Cave Diver

This course is the final stage of training in cave diver development.

The Advanced Cave diver program consists of four distinct modules which can be conducted back to back, in pairs or individually:

  • Side Mount Diver – The course trains the diver in the use of both side and no mount equipment configurations for the cave diving environment with an emphasis on equipment configuration and safety procedures.
  • Multiple Stage Diving – The course extends the cave divers cave penetration capabilities by the use of staging multiple cylinders throughout the planned inward swim. The emphasis is on gas management planning and emergency procedures.
  • Cave Surveying – The course teaches the diver to gather survey data during cave dives to be used after the dive to draw up maps and surveys of cave passages and includes a review of survey tools and equipment and team projects to gather data and produce surveys
  • DPV Diver – The course trains the diver in the safe operation of diver propulsion vehicles, firstly in the open water to develop skills then in the cave environment to put the learnt skills in to practice. The course covers emergency procedures including DPV failure, diver tows and gas shares whilst using DPV’s.  The DPV Diver course may be run as a module of the Advanced Cave program in the cave environment or in the Open water environment as a stand alone course.


  • Diver must be qualified as a Full Cave Diver or equivalent
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Have a minimum of 25 logged cave dives

Equipment Requirements:

  • Fulfill general equipment requirements for Cave Diver programs –
  • Specialty equipment as specified in the Cave Diver Specialty Student Workbook

Side Mount Diver Requirements:

  • Side mount harness & buoyancy device approved by instructor prior to course

Multi-Stage Diver Requirements:

  • Suitably rigged stage cylinder and regulator with SPG for each cylinder/regulator combo

Survey Diver Requirements:

  • Suitable survey slate and equipment needed to record data

DPV Diver Requirements:

  • Suitable DPV for dives planned

Full Advanced Cave Diver practical execution of different types of cave systems and scenarios divers encounter are presented using any or all of the components required for the specialist modules.

Emphasis is placed upon dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave penetration. The primary focus of the Advanced Full Cave Diver course is establishing proper procedures for completing traverses and circuits using all or any of the speciality modules. At this stage divers are expected to be fully conversant with the use and appropriate configuration of twin sets or sidemount.

To learn more about Advanced Full Cave diver certification, please contact us…